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Ryan Porter

Welcome to RyanPorter.net!

I have been part of the fitness community since 1999.  I was in college and loved to workout whenever I had the opportunity. Unfortunately, as with many people, I got wrapped up in life and quickly found myself too busy to get my workouts in.

In March of 2003, I attended my first Arnold Sports Festival, back then known simply as the “Arnold Classic”, and immediately fell in love with everything fitness related; bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, and the list goes on and on.  When I left the event I was beyond excited and knew I had to get back into the gym.  Within the next week, I set a goal to ‘bulk’ and build as much muscle as possible so I could do a bodybuilding show. I worked hard and got up to the heaviest I’d ever been at 215 lbs.  Of course, at this time, I was new to bodybuilding and thought ‘bulking’ was just eating everything you could get your hands on, which of course meant I also added plenty of body fat along with the muscle I worked so hard to gain.  I did some searching on the forums and heard about the “Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Show” and found a gym that usually had people compete.  In January of 2005, I signed up for my first show but quickly realized I only had 10 weeks to prep.  I continued to work hard and follow the diet plan I was given and went from a starting weight of 212 lbs and 21% body fat down to 179 lbs and 9% body fat.  I was nowhere near ‘stage ready’ but I had come so far I wasn’t going to back out.  I had a great experience on stage and learned a lot about how the events were organized and put together.  More importantly, I learned a LOT about how my body responds to dieting/nutrition to better prepare me if I wanted to get on stage again.

Fast forward to 2007 and I decided to get on stage again.  This time, my nutrition was better and I had to do a lot less ‘cardio’ for my prep. This time, when I got on stage, I came in at 169 lbs and 4-5% body fat. The only mistake I made this time was being cheap and skipping the professional Tan.  Instead, I bought the recommended products and did the tanning myself.  I looked great, but next to the other competitors I was nowhere near dark enough and it cost me several placings (confirmed by the judge’s comments after the show).  Regardless of my placing, the whole experience was amazing and, who knows, I may end up on stage again.

Fast forward, yet again, to 2011.  I had been working out on and off but my work schedule didn’t allow me to get in the gym as much as I’d like.  In 2012 my schedule changed again so I joined LifeTime Fitness to be able to get in the gym 5 days a week while I was traveling (the locations I was traveling to were relatively close to a LifeTime Fitness facility). During this time I was able to gain some decent muscle and remain relatively lean.  I was feeling great and loving it.  Then I had to travel to Florida for work, where the closest LifeTime Fitness was over an hour drive one way.  No way I was driving over an hour one way just to workout.  Instead, I had heard about CrossFit and figured I’d see if I could find a gym nearby.  Jackpot!  I located CrossFit Body Mechanic and it was amazing!  On day-1 I was taught how to Snatch, and then just when I thought the workout was over, I was informed that was just the ‘skill’ section of the day.  The workout was 50 push-ups, 50 strict pull-ups, and then run a 5k.  It was awful and I loved every bit of it.  It was something I had never done and that only made it more interesting to me.  So much so that when I got back to Ohio I signed up for a membership at one of the CrossFit gyms in Columbus.  I loved the workouts, but I still wanted to know more!  Within 3 months of starting CrossFit I was signed up for my first CrossFit course, the coveted CF-L1.

… more to follow…


After obtaining my CF-L1 I fell even deeper in love with CrossFit and continued down the educational path and obtained my CF-L2, CF Weightlifting, CF Powerlifting, CF Kettlebell, CF Gymnastics, CF Mobility, CF Judges, CF Anatomy, and CF Modification Certificates, as well as the USA Weightlifting Sports and Performance Coach and Alexander SMR Technique Certificates.  – In essence, I’m a Geeky & Nerdy CrossFitter.


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