The Journey – Days 23 & 24

The Journey – Days 23 & 24…

Today was the last day of the 24-day Jumpstart!

I’ll remeasure as soon as I have the opportunity. Which will be either tomorrow (Friday) or first thing Saturday.  That said, regardless of what the measurements say, I feel great and you’ll be able to see the difference in the pictures when I can capture them too.

I made it into the gym yesterday (CrossFit Scioto) and had a great day.
* Metcon: 20 min AMRAP of: 20 AKBS, 20 Push-ups, 20 Pull-ups, 20 Air Squats – starts with a 300m run and repeat run every 5 minutes (finished 3 rounds and got 40 reps in to the 4th round – I did rip my hand at the end of the pull-ups in round 2, but I kept going)
* Strength: 15 min EMOM of 2 Push Press – from the floor (Successfully got 195 for 2 reps and made a big jump to 225 for the last set.  Got the first rep but failed the second)

I know I won’t be able to make it to the gym tomorrow (Friday) so I did today’s workout at home.
* Metcon: 2k Row (goal was to keep a consistent pace and not ‘sprint’.  Kept the pace under 2:00 and finished at 7:41)
* Front Squats: We are doing a wave strength cycle and my last set was at #245 for 3 reps (see video).
* Pool:  I finished off the workout session with a dip in the pool to cool down… and of course, play around.





Baby girl is in bed and I’m wrapping up the night watching TV with my wife.  If I haven’t already said it… it’s been a great day!

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