The Journey – Day 22

The Journey – Day22…

As we head toward the end of the 24-day Jumpstart I am feeling pretty good.  I had a great day at work and an amazing evening at home with the family.  I picked up Parker from the babysitter and we came home and played for over an hour before it was time to get ready for bed.  She took her bottle but was not happy to be going to bed.  She’s still on ‘vacation sleep schedule’ and working on getting back to normal, as well as having to sleep in her bed opposed to getting to sleep with mommy and daddy on vacation.  While we don’t let her sleep with us at home, I secretly love having her sleep with us on vacation – baby cuddles are the best!

Anyway… once baby girl finally went to bed, Kristin and I went out and had a great evening in the Pool.  We played around and swam for a little over an hour before realizing we better get inside to get in the shower and ready for bed.  I may not have gone to the gym today, but I got to spend time with my wife in the pool, listening to music, swimming around and joking with each other… I’d call that an amazing evening!

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