The Journey – Day(s) 16 thru 21

The Journey – Days 16 thru 21…

Happy Monday! It’s up to you to make the day count!

I was out of town and unavailable for a few days due to a family vacation, but I kept up with the 24-day Jumpstart pretty well. I didn’t get to prepare for the trip ahead of time, so my nutrition wasn’t the best, but I did stay mindful and didn’t overindulge or overeat.

As for working out, I didn’t get to make it to the gym while I was on vacation. Of course, I didn’t just sit around either. I stayed active and played in the ocean and on the beach with my wife and daughter, and in my opinion, times like that are far more important than disappearing for an hour or more to go to the gym. That said, once I got back from vacation, I was able to get back to working out. I fit in some squatting yesterday evening, and an awesome CrossFit class today.
* Squatting: Front Squats
* CrossFit: 40 Min E2MOM (Odd: 2 Bear Complex, 6 Burpee-over-bar, 2 Bar MU – Even: 300m Run)

After vacation, I spent time working on the honey-do list and managed to have a perfectly timed visit from our dear friends, the Smallridge’s. Eric and I spent the afternoon working on the honey-do list, while Stephanie and Kristin spent time catching up, watching babies, and keeping an eye on the kids while they were swimming. All and all, even though we were busy, and it was HOT, it was great to spend time with our dear friends. Each of us having our own family doesn’t allow for many opportunities to spend time together, but the beauty of having true friends is knowing that even though we don’t always see them, they are always there!

I hope you all had a great week last week and are off to a great start this week!

Thanks for reading,
– RP

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