The Journey – Days 6 & 7

Happy Monday!

The weekend was good, but the struggle is real.  I mean, who doesn’t want donuts on the weekend?

Other than fighting off the cravings for sweets, my nutrition went well, and I continued following the 24-day Jumpstart.  I’ll be remeasuring after the cleanse phase is complete and will take progress pictures when the full Jumpstart is complete.

You don’t have to start with a marathon but get off the couch and get moving.  You can take a walk, jog, run, ride a bike, skate (if people still do that these days), or go to a gym and do any number of things there.  Just remember that whatever you do, “No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”  – Unknown.

The Journey – Day 6 & 7…
11:30 AM

12:30 PM

  • AdvoCare Fiber (1 packet)
  • Chicken Breast (5oz) (0g F, 0g C, 45g P)
  • Flat Out Flatbread – Light Original (1 flatbread) (1.5g F, 14g C, 9g P)
  • Mexican Cheese (2 serving) (10g F, 4g C, 16g P)
  • Salsa (1 Serving) (0g F, 2g C, 0g P)
  • Taco Sauce (2 servings) (0g F, 4g C, 0g P)

3:00 PM

  • RX Bar – Chocolate Sea Salt

6:45 PM

  • Multi-grain bread (2 pieces) (.5g F, 16g C, 5g P)
  • Turkey Breast (3 servings) (3g F, 9g C, 30g P)
  • Cheese Slice (1 piece) (2.5g F, 2g C, 4g P)

8:45 PM

  • AdvoCare OmegaPlex (2 softgels)
  • MTS Whey – Cookies & Cream (1 serving) (3.5g F, 6g C, 25g P)
  • Cool Whip Lite (2 servings) (2g F, 6g C, 0g P)
  • Banana (1 medium) (0g F, 27g C, 1g P)

10:00 PM


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  • RP

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