The Journey – Day 1

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Today marks the start of my Journey back to Fit.  I’m kicking off the journey with the AdvoCare 24-Day Jumpstart.  I’ll be using the AdvoCare products while following an Intermittent Fasting (IF) protocol.  While the standard IF protocol is to eat within an 8-hour window, there has also been supporting research to allow for 9-10 hour eating windows based on a person’s metabolism and activity level.  Fortunately, I have utilized the IF protocol before and do well with a 9-10 hour eating window, which is what I’ll be continuing throughout the kickstart.

Question:  How do you know if you’re making progress if you aren’t measuring the results?

The answer:  you don’t! – you need to have some method in place to measure your progress.

In my case, I’ll be monitoring my progress with pictures as well as using an “Omron Body Composition Monitor” to measure my weight, body fat, muscle, and visceral fat.  My starting numbers are (I’ll add a picture tomorrow – didn’t have time to get one today)…

  • Weight: 192 lbs
  • Body fat: 22.7%
  • Muscle: 37.3%
  • Visceral fat: 12


Here’s how Day 1 unfolded for me…

11:30 AM

12:00 PM

  • AdvoCare Fiber (1 packet)
  • Chipotle Salad Bowl (Black Beans, Chicken, Mild Salsa, ½ Scoop Hot Salsa, Corn Salsa, Guacamole, Cheese, and Tabasco Chipotle sauce) (40g F, 56g C, 51g P = 790 calories)

2:30 PM

  • ENGN Pre-workout (1 scoop)

3:30 PM

  • Chicken Breast (4oz) (0g F, 0g C, 36g P)
  • Garden Vegetable Medley Steamer (1/2 bag) (1.25g F, 21.25g C, 3g P)
  • CarbMaster Yogurt – Banana Cream Pie (1, 6oz container) (1.5g F, 5g C, 9g P)

5:00 PM

5:30 PM

  • Workout

6:30 PM

  • RX Bar – Chocolate Sea Salt (1 bar) (9g F, 24g C, 12g P)

8:30 PM

  • Chicken Breast (4 oz) (0g F, 0g C, 36g P)
  • Salad (2 cups) (0g F, 8g C, 2g P)
  • Peanut Butter (2 TblSpn) (16g F,8g C,7g P)
  • Banana (1 medium) (0g F,27g C,1g P)


Time for me to wrap up the day and get to bed so I can rest and recover for another day of awesomeness tomorrow.

Thank You,

– RP

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